The artwork was created for the Lewben Art Foundation’s exhibition Parallel Projections (curator – Aušra Trakšelytė).
Vladas Suncovas’ topographical work Nardinai combines architectural systems and archaeological research. The artwork reactivates the characteristics of the adjacent Bernardinai Street – the height of the work is equal to the earliest pavement layer measured from the current street tiles, while the harmonious upper plasticity of the object echoes the tile roofing and structures of the surrounding buildings.
Diving into the structures of the terrain, the features and peculiarities of the environment above and below the ground, the artist constructs an object of small-scale architecture or spatial sculpture. Or perhaps it is an experimental piece of exterior furniture?

The work was created with the help of Julija Česnulaitytė, Baltic Art Force and Brolis Timber.
Sponcored by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Year: 2022